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Our mission and goal has remained constant: care for our customers' pets as they are our own. That means coming to your home for more than just stopping by to feed and let them out for a potty break. We routinely walk, play, and work with your animal to make sure they are getting well deserved attention, affection and exercise. 

Our Mission

Hi! I am Adrienne, owner of Happy Pals Pet Service, LLC. I started Happy Pals Pet Service to provide affordable, quality pet care and to give pet owners other options besides kennels and boarding facilities. I have always felt that my animals are part of my family and not simply pets. I know the most comfortable and safest place for my pets is in their own home. That is why I want to give people the opportunity to provide their pets with the best care possible while away. Throughout my life I have had numerous pets of all kinds from dogs, cats, birds, lizards, fish, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc., You name it and I probably have taken care of it. Pets have always been a huge part of my life, so I understand how much they mean to their owners and/or families.


You are in good hands....

Meet the owner

- Member of Professional United Pet Sitters

- Insured through Pet Sitters Associates

- Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR

- Clean Background Check

- References provided upon request